Telecom & Networking

Comprehensive Telecom & Networking Solutions in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Connecting Businesses with Advanced Telecom & Networking Solutions

Coastline Electric now offers advanced telecom & networking services, including structured cabling and fiber optics. Perfect for businesses in Southern New England seeking reliable IT and communication solutions.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Expertly designed structured cabling systems to support all your telecommunication needs. Precision and reliability at the core of every installation.

Fiber Optic Installations

Harness the speed of light with our fiber optic solutions. Unmatched data transmission rates for your critical operations.

Data Center Design

Innovative and efficient data center designs to keep your IT backbone strong and reliable. Tailored to support scalability and security.

Telecom Construction Integration

Seamless integration of telecom services in new and existing constructions. Ensuring robust connectivity infrastructure from the ground up.

Wireless Network Services

Cutting-edge wireless solutions to keep you connected.

Telecom Infrastructure Support

Proactive support to maintain seamless connectivity. Ensuring your network's reliability and efficiency.

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Seamless Connectivity for Businesses in Southern New England.

Coastline Electric revolutionizes telecommunications for businesses in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Our services, including structured cabling, fiber optics, and wireless solutions, ensure your business stays connected. With Coastline, expect efficient, secure, and tailored telecom infrastructure that drives your business forward.

Overview of Our Telecom & Networking Services

Our telecom solutions are at the forefront of technological advancement, designed to meet the dynamic needs of businesses across Southern New England. Our team specializes in deploying robust communication networks, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. We prioritize security, scalability, and innovation in every project, from initial design to final implementation.


Our telecom installation services encompass comprehensive planning and implementation of structured cabling, fiber optic networks, and wireless systems. We ensure a seamless setup that supports your business's data, voice, and video communication needs, focusing on future growth and technology integration.

Maintenance :

Regular maintenance of your telecom infrastructure is crucial for uninterrupted business operations. Our maintenance services include system audits, performance optimization, and proactive repairs to keep your network running efficiently. Trust us to maintain the backbone of your business communications.

Empowering Businesses Across Southern New England and New Hampshire

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