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Herb Chambers BMW/MINI

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Lighting Design & Installation.

Coastline Electric proudly announces the completion of our extensive electrical work at the new Herb Chambers BMW/MINI dealership, a state-of-the-art three-story facility located on Commonwealth Ave in Boston, MA, set to open in 2024. Our partnership with CM&B as the general contractor enabled us to deliver high-quality, reliable electrical solutions tailored to the unique needs of a modern car dealership with service areas on the second and third floors.

Overview of Services

This project required a sophisticated approach to electrical installations to support a high-volume car dealership and service center. Our team focused on creating a system that not only meets the high demands of automotive sales and service but also enhances the customer experience and operational efficiency.


Our comprehensive electrical services for Herb Chambers BMW/MINI included:

Lighting Installation

We installed high-efficiency lighting systems designed to showcase vehicles attractively and provide ample illumination for service areas, enhancing both the display quality and the functionality of the work environment.

Power Systems

Robust power installations are critical in automotive dealerships, especially those that include service centers. Our installations ensure all equipment, lifts, and service tools operate seamlessly with reliable power distribution.

Car Chargers

Reflecting the latest trends in automotive technology, we equipped the dealership with several advanced car chargers to accommodate electric vehicles, providing essential infrastructure for EV sales and services.

Multiple Panels

To handle the extensive electrical requirements of the dealership, we installed multiple panels throughout the facility. These panels are strategically placed to optimize the distribution and management of electrical loads, ensuring safety and efficiency across all operations.

Coastline Electric’s work at Herb Chambers BMW/MINI demonstrates our commitment to delivering cutting-edge electrical solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of automotive dealerships. Our installations are designed to ensure that every aspect of the dealership, from sales to service, operates without interruption, fostering a productive and customer-friendly environment.

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