Solidcore Pilates Gym

Solidcore Pilates Gym Commercial Electric Project Interior Entryway
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Solidcore Pilates Gym

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Lighting & Power Installation

Coastline Electric is proud to have contributed to the electrical setup of the Solidcore Pilates Gym, completed in 2021 on Harrison Ave in South Boston, MA. Our collaboration with Phelan Construction ensured that the facility was equipped with cutting-edge electrical systems to support a state-of-the-art fitness experience.

Overview of Services

The project involved creating an inviting and safe environment that enhances the rigorous physical activities at a Pilates gym. Our electrical designs were customized to meet the unique needs of a fitness center that focuses on core strength and muscle toning.


Our scope of work at the Solidcore Pilates Gym included:

Lighting Installation

Implementing a lighting system that not only illuminates the space effectively but also creates a motivating atmosphere for workouts. The lighting design was crucial in ensuring exercises are performed safely and effectively.

Power Systems

Ensuring all equipment, from Pilates reformers to the sound system, has reliable power with no disruptions. The installation was designed to handle the demands of high-powered workout machines and auxiliary systems.

Fire Alarm Systems

Safety is paramount in any public space, particularly where physical activity is involved. We installed a comprehensive fire alarm system that meets all local safety codes and ensures quick response times in emergencies.

Coastline Electric delivered an electrical infrastructure that is both powerful and efficient, contributing significantly to the overall functionality and safety of the Solidcore Pilates Gym. This project highlights our capability to adapt our expertise to the specific needs of diverse commercial environments.

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