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Lighting Design & Installation.

Coastline Electric is proud to have played a pivotal role in setting up the ONYVA Dog Spa, a premier destination for pet pampering located on Newbury Street in Boston, MA. Completed in 2022 in collaboration with the general contractor Stack + CO, our electrical installations were essential in creating a welcoming and functional environment for both pets and their owners.

Overview of Services

At ONYVA Dog Spa, our approach involved integrating high-quality electrical systems that enhance the facility’s functionality while ensuring safety and comfort for all visitors. The project demanded careful planning and precise execution to meet the specific needs of a high-end pet spa.


For the ONYVA Dog Spa, our services included:

Lighting Installation

We installed tailored lighting solutions that provide excellent visibility and a calming atmosphere, essential for the comfort of the pets and the ease of operation for the staff.

Power Systems

Our team set up robust power systems designed to support various grooming tools and spa equipment, ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably.

Fire Alarm Systems

Safety is paramount in any business, and our installation of advanced fire alarm systems ensures a high level of protection for the premises, pets, and people alike.

Our electrical solutions for the ONYVA Dog Spa were designed to meet the unique demands of a luxury pet care facility, ensuring that every aspect of our installation contributes to a seamless and pleasant experience for every visitor.

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