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Green Choice Dispensary

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Lighting Design & Installation.

Coastline Electric is proud to have played a crucial role in the establishment of Green Choice, a new dispensary completed in 2023 located on Main Street in Blackstone, MA. Working in partnership with Vantage Builders, we provided a full range of advanced electrical solutions tailored to the unique requirements of a secure, modern dispensary environment.

Overview of Services

The project demanded precision and innovative electrical solutions to support a state-of-the-art dispensary that prioritizes safety, functionality, and customer experience. Our team was committed to implementing systems that ensure operational excellence and compliance with strict industry standards.


Our comprehensive electrical services for the Green Choice dispensary included:

Lighting Installation

We installed customized lighting that not only enhances the aesthetics of the dispensary but also ensures optimal visibility and security throughout the facility. The strategic placement of lights contributes to an inviting atmosphere while facilitating efficient product display and customer interaction.

Power Systems

Robust power installations were crucial to support daily operations, including advanced security systems and retail technology. Our work included a 200Amp Single Phase 120/208v service setup designed for high reliability and efficiency.

Fire Alarm Systems

To ensure the highest safety standards, we equipped Green Choice with a sophisticated fire alarm system that provides immediate alerts and response mechanisms in the event of a fire, safeguarding both staff and patrons.

Standby Generator with ATS

Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted service, we installed a 22KW generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). This system guarantees that critical systems remain operational during power outages, maintaining security and preserving product integrity.

Coastline Electric’s involvement with the Green Choice project underscores our expertise in delivering specialized electrical installations that meet the high expectations of dispensary businesses. Our tailored solutions ensure that Green Choice operates smoothly and securely, providing a superior experience for its customers.

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